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  • BlackRock’s Kate Moore: Opportunities in Equities November 16, 2018
    Kate Moore, chief equity strategist at BlackRock, thinks that the next six months should be a great opportunity for investment managers who can stay focused over the longer term.
    Peter M.J. Gross
  • 5393339979 November 14, 2018
    No two investment managers are alike. There is no reason why two artificial intelligence (AI)-driven systems should be either, says Parijat Garg, CFA.
    Parijat Garg, CFA
  • Persistence That Just Ain’t So November 12, 2018
    Do private equity presentations overstate an ability to persist?
    Preston McSwain
  • Bitcoin: New Asset Class or Pyramid Scheme? November 8, 2018
    Jonathan Harris, CFA, offers a searing critique of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.
    Jonathan Harris, CFA
  • The Power of Passive November 7, 2018
    Because the flood into passive management appears unstoppable, it is worth considering the limits of the trend.
    Charles Fox, CFA

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  • Factor use is growing among financial advisors and institutional investors November 16, 2018
    Time to read: 2 min Factor investing is growing rapidly — not only are more investors adopting factor strategies, but as investors gain experience, they increase their use of them. This is one of the key findings from our recent Global Factor Investing Study, which is based on face-to-face interviews and discussions with more than […]
    Vincent de Martel, Solutions Strategist
  • A preferred approach to US REIT investments November 15, 2018
    Time to read: 5 min When investors seek to take advantage of publicly listed real estate opportunities, they often favor traditional REIT common stock to gain exposure. This makes sense — from Oct. 1, 2008 through Sept. 30, 2018, US REIT common stock has provided attractive returns coupled with income generation, potential diversification benefits and […]
    David Wertheim, Senior Client Portfolio Manager, Darin Turner, Managing Director and Portfolio Manager and Jim Pfertner, Associate Director
  • During market drops, the Low Volatility factor has outperformed November 14, 2018
    Time to read: 2 min In 2017, the S&P 500 Index did not experience any corrections greater than 5%. So far in 2018, there have been three such market drops. So which year represents the more typical investor experience? History shows us that the relative calm of 2017 was an outlier, and that losses and […]
    Nick Kalivas, Senior Equity Product Strategist
  • 6397931797 November 14, 2018
    Time to read: 4 min A tightening of financial conditions, led by US Federal Reserve (Fed) rate hikes and an appreciating US dollar, have pressured emerging market (EM) assets so far this year. However, Invesco Fixed Income believes that concern over a generalized “crisis” in EM external debt (and external vulnerability) is largely unwarranted. That […]
    Rashique Rahman, Head of Emerging Markets
  • 6043539406 November 13, 2018
    Time to read: 2 minutes As the father of three college graduates, I know firsthand how exciting it is when students return home from school for Thanksgiving break — and not just for the parents. For many students, Thanksgiving break is their first trip back home since the school year started, making that long-awaited family […]
    Tom Rowley, Director, Retirement and Education Strategies

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